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Lali Khalid —Being between 


This work is about following. I follow myself with a camera, and frame where I am. As the shutter opens and closes, it becomes where I was. Looking back, amid ever shifting grounds, I am followed by what is constant. The photographs show it as my family and my own image, but much of what is constant can neither be seen, nor photographed.

I follow myself with a camera because I don’t know where I am going. I follow myself with a camera because I want to see who was with me, and whom I was missing. I follow myself with a camera to remember the way home.

Mehreen, or Lali, Khalid grew up in Pakistan. Her father introduced her to photography at a very young age. She has been taking pictures ever since.

Lali’s work wanders between themes in landscape, abstraction and documentary photography, but has always centered itself on portraiture. She uses her work as a tool to explore themes of diaspora, identity and home in her own life and the lives of people she photographs.

Lali earned her BFA from The National College of Arts in Lahore, and her MFA with distinction from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Her work has been shown in many galleries throughout Pakistan, the US and recently in Italy.

She currently lives and works in the United States where she also maintains an active teaching practice.

For more information, please contact Lali Khalid at: lali.khalid@gmail.com or visit: lalikhalid.com