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Ela Kurowska —Light Forms

Light Forms

In this experimental photography project, I use translucent photoelastic gels and cross-polarized light to design, build and capture beautiful worlds bursting with light and vivid colors. By combining art and science, I reveal hidden potential of organic matter to transform into glowing, abstract, biomorphic objects. The resulting images look otherworldly, perhaps like alien life developed on another planet, but also vaguely familiar, like specimen observed under a microscope.

In my creative process I collaborate with forces of nature. When I design and sculpture my gel compositions, and subject them to gentle deformation, the outcome is often delightfully unpredictable. The perfect moment when pale, inanimate organic forms transform into spectacular, glowing structures which look almost alive happens only with a perfect combination of stress patterns in the gel material, illumination, and camera angle. Recognizing and capturing this moment is a breathtaking experience, like nature’s offering of an unexpected gift of beauty.


Ela Kurowska is a photographer and a biochemist based in London, Canada. In her artwork, she implements her science background by using photoelastic organic gels and cross-polarized light to design, build and capture miniature abstract objects resembling otherworldly life made of light and vivid colors. Ela’s photography gained recognition as example of creativity at the interface between art and science. Her works have won many prestigious awards and are exhibited, published, and collected worldwide.

For more information, please contact Ela Kurowska at: kurowska@rogers.com or visit: lightforms.ca
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