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Erv Schroeder | The Stone Series


I explore the stone landscapes of the Colorado Plateau with a sense of wonder and the feeling that I am on another planet. I am drawn to the stones by an enigmatic attraction. The stones bare witness to the primordial forces of the Earth — the raw power that moved and shifted huge hunks of rock to form natural stone sculptures. In my photographs I try to capture the feelings I experience while sharing the space with these primitively alien, beautifully monumental, and mysteriously timeless objects.

These are photographs that tell the story of nature’s power and the relativity of time. They are also portals for your imagination to transport you to another time and place.

Interests that have shaped these images include astronomy, music, ancient civilizations, and nature. All of that is somewhere in these photographs, because that is who I am.



Landscape photographer. Work has appeared in galleries and also as music CD art. Recently, awarded Artist-in-Residence at the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Began the ongoing Stone Series in 1995.
MFA in Photography – Rochester Institute of Technology
BFA in Photography – University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh


For more information, please contact Erv Schroeder at: erv@ervschroeder.com
or visit: http://ervschroeder.com

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