Photo LA 2009 - Aline Smithson

January in Los Angeles is all about photography. From photo l.a. to Review L.A. (hosted by Center), to art l.a. and the Los Angeles Art Show, opportunities abound to see photography in every size, shape, and incarnation. Aline Smithson shares her experience at photo l.a., the largest exhibition of photography in the United States.
Documentary photography in the 1930s - Hans Durrer
In the wake of the Great Depression two photo documentaries visualized the conditions of work and life of the American farming population, suffering the calamities of drought and economic poverty. Here, Hans Durrer discusses both these projects that were instrumental in defining documentary photography.P

A Review of Who We Were: A Snapshot History of America - Erin Paulson
A new photography book chronicles our country's history through the use of collected personal photographs, from the advent of the miracle of photography to a mission to the moon.
Issue #33 February - March 2009
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