Edoardo Pasero

The work presented here is part of an ongoing project focused on documenting my life, or at last some parts of it. It's a commitment to the people I love, the places I visit, moments I like to stop, and lights I meet during my days. Even if the work is quite personal, I hope the viewer can see the pictures as a starting point to other paths. Having said that, my photography is an effort to extrapolate from reality the hidden possibilities and shades; framing is the best tool to do it, especially in square format. Framing has the power of language, the things we use to mould what surround us.

I discovered photography at age 21, and from then, on and off, it became my only way of expression (after years dedicated to music). In the last years I worked as 3D artist, compositor and producer in the video field, for videoclips, commercials etc. I'm currently unemployed, trying to give an end to my philosophy studies at the university and to concentrate on my photographic work.

For more information visit: www.flickr.com/photos/edoardo_pasero/ or www.edoardopasero.com (currently under construction)
I've also started a simple blog, a sort of online gallery, where I like to exercise my taste putting in the what I think is the best photographic stuff I see around: latensimago.tumblr.com

You can contact Edoardo at: edoardopasero@gmail.com

Issue #33 February - March 2009
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