Maxim Mjodov | Social Reflections
In the beginning of this Summer while walking in the suburbs surrounded with old houses full of inhabitants i decided to make a series of photographs. There was a story on every threshold. Stories not only about people but also about things which surround them, their personal stuff, their modest homes, familiar views from the windows, favorite benches. All these things are reflections of their lives and vice versa. I call them "Social Reflections".


I am 28 years old, born in Tallinn, Estonia. I am a self taught photographer who loves to work in the darkroom and explore different styles of printing techniques. It was back in 2003, at that time i already had some kind of crappy digital camera with which i could not photograph what i needed. One day my friend called me and said that somebody forgot this old film camera on the back seat of his father's Taxi. This is how i got my first 35mm film camera "Casina 3000". I fell in love with film instantly, especially with 6x6 format.

Documentary and landscapes are my favorites. I like empty spaces, abandoned houses, people living in suburbs, loneliness of the city.  I feel connected to all of this. Simple things which surround us can transform into more deeper meanings. I discover that hidden beauty in them and photograph it.

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